Become a scientist from your backyard.

The Soil Science Lab needs YOU to collect data about little critters crawling through the soil in everyone’s backyard called nematodes. Submit your findings to our database, and use data collected from other citizen scientists like you to learn more about the environment! >>> Getting Started

What is the Soil Science Lab?

The Soil Science Lab is a citizen science project focused on teaching students how to conduct research, work collaboratively and present their findings. Through a simple soil science experiment, we hope to show the world's future scientists the power of science for good. Learn more...

Step #1

Sign up

Join Soil Science Lab as a participating citizen scientist

Step #2

Collect a sample

Gather a sample of soil and extract nematodes by following our step-by-step tutorial

Step #3

Contribute data

Collected a nematode sample recently? Contribute your data to our growing community database!

Step #4

Download data

Analyze data colleted by citizen scientists around the world!

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